Steve Pena was born in San Jose California on December 26, 1973. He lives in Morgan Hill, California with his five cats and guide dog Ginger. He took up powerlifting full time at the age of 16 and dropped out of football as his loss of vision progressed. He has competed in WABDL, AAU, USAPL, APF, APA, USPF, USABA (United States America of Blind Athletes), and IBSA (International Blind Sports Association). He holds National records for the US Blind Powerlifting Association in the 100K and 110K Classes.      He is ranked number 1 under the Wilkes Formula for the USA National Blind Powerlifting Association.  He has medaled Gold at five of the IBSA World Competitions and has set several world records.  He has been invited to compete in Seoul, Korea for the 2015 IBSA Worlds. This will be a RAW Powerlifting 3 Lift and Bench Press Meet.  Steve is seeking Sponsorships to make this trip.  He has set WABDL Californiarecords in the Class 1, Open and Sub-Masters Class. His best bench press of 562 was at a WABDL meet in the 220 class that was performed in Chico, California on3/17/07. This lift set a California Single Ply Bench Record in the Sub-Masters and also a Disabled 2 World and California record in the 20-39 age group.     Steve won a WABDL World Championship in the 220 Sub-Master Single Ply in Anaheim, California in 2007 with a 545 Bench.  Steve currently holds the following WABDL World and State Records (in pounds).  His best total in the three lift meet is 1691 in the 220 class at an APF meet in Redwood City, California in 2002.  Steve still holds the USAPL California Powerlifting Bench Record in the Men’s Open 220 Class with a lift of 512.6 in Napa California on 01/13/07.       Steve is very grateful to his family, friends, coaches and training partners for all their support. He thanks Groupware Technology in Campbell, California, Challenged Athletes Foundation in San Diego, California and Advanced Sports Nutrition in Hood River, Oregon for their sponsorships and support. 

Steve Pena